Morgan Sports Law stands alone as the world’s pre-eminent law firm of choice for athletes and defendants in anti-doping disputes. The firm provides advice across the whole spectrum of anti-doping issues, including:

  • representing athletes and athlete support personnel in anti-doping proceedings and investigations;
  • advising athletes with respect to alleged whereabouts failures (i.e. missed tests and filing failures);
  • advising teams and clubs in respect of their anti-doping policies and procedures.

Anti-doping matters frequently involve complex scientific issues.  It is for that reason many of our lawyers have graduate and post-graduate qualifications in various disciplines of science (e.g. genetics, chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical chemistry). That experience, alongside our access to an extensive network of scientific experts, allows the firm to identify and advise on key scientific issues quickly and efficiently.


Morgan Sports Law has one of the pre-eminent sports arbitration practices globally. We are known internationally for our experience in representing individuals and organisations in sports-related arbitrations before bodies such as:

  • the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS);
  • the American Arbitration Association; 
  • the dispute resolution arms of:
    • international sports federations (including the ITF Independent Tribunal, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, and the FEI Tribunal);
    • national anti-doping organisations (such as the UK’s National Anti-Doping Panel).

Few firms in the world have acted in as many arbitrations before the CAS as Morgan Sports Law. 

The subject matters of these arbitrations range from disciplinary disputes (such as anti-doping, corruption and eligibility disputes), to disputes relating to the payment of training compensation, to commercial contract disputes. 

Commercial Disputes

Our team of litigators specialise in resolving sports and commercial disputes. 

We advise our clients on a range of matters including: 

  • challenges against sports governing bodies in the High Court of England and Wales;
  • contractual and commercial disputes both in the High Court and before national and international sports tribunals; 
  • intellectual property disputes;
  • and image rights disputes.

Our clients are sports professionals, sports executives and teams with unique commercial needs. We work closely with our clients to find the best commercial solution when a dispute arises. 

We have expertise in resolving disputes by settlement negotiations and mediation. Some disputes, however, require resolution by more formal methods – in such cases, we will bring or defend litigation/arbitration proceedings as necessary, working with our clients to obtain the best possible result.

Equestrian Services

Morgan Sports Law offers a wide range of services for its equestrian sports clients, led by Lisa Lazarus, former General Counsel of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).   We represent equestrian athletes, trainers, and horse owners in disputes arising under the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication regulations from the FEI Tribunal through to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.  

The firm also advises equestrian sports clients on best practices in stable management to avoid anti-doping and other potential rule violations.   Further, the firm provides guidance to equestrian events and businesses that are seeking counsel from lawyers with a deep knowledge of the industry and its related rules and regulations.


Morgan Sports Law advises individuals and organisations across the world who are the subject of sports regulatory investigations relating to issues such as anti-doping, anti-corruption and governance.  We guide individuals and organisations through the options before them and advise on the best course of action to take.

Our lawyers have been involved in some of the past decade’s most complex and highest profile investigations in sport and are therefore well positioned to help navigate the legal, procedural, governance and reputational aspects of such investigations, wherever in the world they arise.

Reputation Protection

Our clients’ reputations are built on the foundations of their hard work, focus and sporting excellence.   

Our clients include players, athletes, agents and teams who – as a result of being in the public eye – may find themselves subject to unreasonable media intrusion. 

Our team has expertise in managing, protecting and restoring our clients’ reputations and protecting their privacy.

We provide discreet services to deal with reputational concerns or media attacks, allowing our clients to remain focused on their sport. 

Our experience includes preventing the publication of false news stories, obtaining take downs of defamatory and/or private information, bringing defamation actions and dealing with cyber issues including online harassment and threats. 

Bruno Cavalheiro Rebello Cleared of Wrongdoing

Morgan Sports Law successfully acts for Bruno Cavalheiro Rebello in FEI anti-doping proceedings.

Pablo Barrios' Suspension Lifted

Morgan Sports Law successfully obtains an Order for Provisional Measures from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”) on behalf of Pablo Barrios.

Provisional Suspensions of Eight Horses Lifted

Morgan Sports Law secures the lifting of Provisional Suspensions imposed on eight horses, in a landmark decision by the FEI Tribunal.


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